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Electronic World Marketing Summit MENA

  • Date: January 3, 2019

  • Skills: Branding / Photography / Videography / E-commerce Website / Marketing & Digital Campaign



WMS (World Marketing Summit) was founded by Prof. Philip Kotler in 2010 for creating a better world through marketing. The successful completion of 10 years of the physical world tour events kept inspiring CEOs /CMOs, HR teams & marketing professionals. Still, during a challenging time resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, the world marketing summit set new expectations to continue the journey and launch the Electronic world marketing summit globally.


The Objective

Mega consultations company is the leading facilitator of this event in MENA countries. The high standards of MEGA Chairman “Dr. Abdulhai Megdad” consistently deliver a holistic experience and increase value for the event from strategic, branding, and marketing approaches; assigned Prism-A1 to lead for successful results.

The Solution

The challenge was that there was no established identity and assets. So “Prism” team researched all data available online for the past years and recreated a visual identity with high exposure; this helped increase the brand’s value and consistency across all touchpoints.


We extended the visual identity across digital publications, developing appealing and reach content for the target audience while always taking care of small details and brand guardianship exercises.

Part of the major touch points was to develop a well-structured e-commerce website, assuring an excellent design of user interface “UI” and user-friendly User Experience “UX.”


Content is key for an effective “Digital Marketing Strategy.” So first, we developed a well-written bilingual copywriting content aided with good visual design. Then along with our trusted social media management affiliates, campaigns were launched and directed to call to action that leads into the e-commerce website.